CLIENT: Diamond Communications
MARKET POSITION: Focused on Colocation, Cell Tower Acquisition, and Tower Construction.

Diamond Communications is a fast-growing tower company experienced in tower management, site development, build-to-suits, and tower acquisitions. Four years ago, the company privatized itself in order to focus on strengthening and streamlining their tower inventory. By designing, developing, and producing the key services used in managing their towers, Diamond was able to reduce its reliance on outside vendors. Integration has resulted in increased efficiency and speed-to-market capabilities, keeping pace with evolving market dynamics and setting the standard for colocation and build-to-suit cellular towers.

Diamond’s significant internal transformation required an equally exceptional external communication of the change. Following the strategic alignment of the Services process, Diamond began to re-examine the visual representation of the company. They wanted to articulate their new position to partners, customers, and the cellular community by leveraging the equity inherent in their name and identity. As a result, Diamond asked AVISO to create a completely new web experience.

AVISO embarked on a comprehensive technical strategy phase to understand Diamond’s business goals. Diamond recognized the value in our approach to their brand and, upon reviewing initial concepts for a new visual identity, expanded the project to a complete corporate website. AVISO created a new online brand for Diamond, articulating strategy and positioning, and extending the look and feel into a mobile application and web guidelines. The new site builds on the traditional strengths of the brand and signals Diamond’s commitment to leading the industry in Tower Ownership.